Article 1. Petition of California Harbors And Navigation Code >> Division 8. >> Part 7. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 1.

A district may be formed consisting of any portion or portions of a county, whether contiguous or not, lying entirely within a city or entirely within unincorporated territory of the county or wholly or partially including territory of all or part of one or more cities within the county, including within its boundaries the whole or some part of the harbor proposed to be developed.
Fifty or more registered, qualified electors in a county residing within the proposed district may sign and present to the board of supervisors of the county a petition in writing for the formation of a district.
The petition shall:
  (a) Set forth the exterior boundaries of the proposed district.
  (b) Generally describe the proposed harbor development.
  (c) A request that the territory included within the described boundaries be formed into a district pursuant to this part.
Within 10 days from the filing thereof the county registrar of voters, or if there be none, the county clerk, shall examine the petition and report in writing to the board of supervisors as to the sufficiency thereof. If the report shows the petition to be insufficient a supplemental petition may be filed within one month from the date of the report.
If the report shows the petition to be sufficient the petition shall be published as provided in Section 6066 of the Government Code in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the proposed district is located together with a notice setting forth the day, hour and place at which the petition will be heard by the board of supervisors and stating that at the designated time and place all persons interested may appear and be heard. The notice shall also state that any interested person, including any owner of taxable real property within the proposed district, may file with the clerk of the body conducting the hearing at any time prior to the time fixed for the hearing a written protest or objection to the formation of the district. The names of only three signers of the petition need be published. The time fixed for the hearing shall not be less than 30 nor more than 60 days after the first publication of the petition and notice of hearing.