Article 2. Alternative—county Treasurer As Depositary of California Harbors And Navigation Code >> Division 8. >> Part 7. >> Chapter 6. >> Article 2.

As an alternative to the procedures of Article 1 (commencing at Section 7170) the board may by resolution designate the county treasurer of the county in which the district is situated to be the depositary and have the custody of all the district's money. The resolution shall be filed with the county treasurer.
The county treasurer shall:
  (a) Receive and receipt for all the district's money and place it in the county treasury to the credit of the district.
  (b) Be responsible upon his official bond for the safekeeping and disbursing of all district money so held by him.
The county treasurer shall pay, when due, out of district money, all sums payable on outstanding bonds and coupons of the district; and the county treasurer shall pay any other sums out of district money, or any portion thereof, only upon warrants of the county auditor.
The county auditor shall draw warrants to pay claims made against the district when the claims have been approved in writing by the president or a member of the board designated for the purpose or approved by the board in open meeting.
The county treasurer shall report in writing on the first day of July, October, January and March of each year to the board with respect to each of the following:
  (a) The amount of money he then holds for the district.
  (b) The amount of receipts since his last report.
  (c) The amount paid out since his last report. The report shall be verified and filed with the secretary.
The board of supervisors of the county shall determine the charge to be made against the district for any services of either or both of:
  (a) The county treasurer as custodian of the district's money.
  (b) The county auditor in drawing warrants to pay demands, made and approved, against the district.