Chapter 2.5. Ship’s Managers of California Harbors And Navigation Code >> Division 4. >> Chapter 2.5.

The general agent for the owners, in respect to the care of a ship and freight, is called the manager. If he is a part owner, he is also called the managing owner.
Unless otherwise directed, it is the duty of the manager of a vessel to provide for its complete seaworthiness; to take care of it in port; and to see that it is provided with necessary papers, with a proper master, mate, and crew, and supplies of provisions and stores.
A managing owner is presumed to be without right to compensation for his own services.
A manager may make contracts requisite for the performance of his duties. He may enter into charter parties, make contracts for carriage, settle for freightage, and adjust averages.
Without special authority a manager shall not borrow money or give up the lien for freightage, or purchase a cargo, or bind the owners of the vessel to an insurance.