Chapter 6. Storage of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 11. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 6.

Except for explosives kept only at an explosive manufacturing plant, no person shall possess, keep, or store any explosive which is not completely encased in a tight metal, wooden, or fiber container, or a container approved by the Interstate Commerce Commission. No person having any explosives in his possession or control shall under any circumstances permit or allow any grains or particles of such explosives to be or remain on the outside of, or about, the containers in which such explosives are kept.
Every person having any blasting caps (electric or nonelectric) in his possession or control shall keep the same securely deposited in a locked approved magazine, except when taken therefrom for actual use, transportation, or sale.
Except while in the custody of a common carrier or in course of transportation pending delivery to a consignee, all explosives shall be kept or stored as specified in the rules or regulations adopted by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to this part.