Chapter 4. Firefighters’ Memorial of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 12. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 4.

(a) The construction of a memorial to California firefighters on the grounds of the State Capitol is hereby authorized. For purposes of this chapter, the grounds of the State Capitol is that property in the City of Sacramento bounded by Ninth, Fifteenth, "L," and "N" Streets. The actual site for the memorial shall be selected by the task force after consultation with the State Office of Historic Preservation, and after consultation with, and approval of, the Department of General Services and the Historic State Capitol Commission.
  (b) No state moneys shall be expended for any of the purposes specified in this chapter. Funds for the construction of the memorial shall be provided exclusively through private contributions for this purpose.
Firefighters' memorial ceremonies, including the dedication of the memorial and any subsequent ceremonies, shall be conducted by the California Fire Foundation, in consultation with the Assembly General Research Committee on Fire, Police, Emergency, and Disaster Services.