Chapter 10. Service Zones of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 12. >> Part 2.7. >> Chapter 10.

(a) Whenever a district board determines that it is in the public interest to provide different services, to provide different levels of service, or to raise additional revenues within specific areas of the district, it may form one or more service zones pursuant to this chapter.
  (b) The district board shall initiate proceedings for the formation of a new zone by adopting a resolution which shall do all of the following:
  (1) State that the proposal is made pursuant to this chapter.
  (2) Set forth a description of the boundaries of the territory to be included in the zone.
  (3) State the different services, different levels of service, or additional revenues which the zone will provide.
  (4) Set forth the methods by which those services or levels of service will be financed.
  (5) State the reasons for forming the zone.
  (6) Propose a name or number for the zone.
  (7) Fix the date, time, and place for the public hearing on the formation of the zone.
  (c) The district board shall publish notice of the hearing, including the information required by subdivision (b), pursuant to Section 6061 of the Government Code in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the district. The district board shall mail the notice to all owners of property within the proposed zone. The district board shall post the notice in at least three public places within the territory of the proposed zone.
  (d) At the hearing, the district board shall hear and consider any protests to the formation of the zone. At the conclusion of the hearing, the district board may adopt a resolution ordering the formation of the zone.
A district board may change the boundaries of a service zone or dissolve a zone by following the procedures in Section 13950.
A local agency formation commission shall have no power or duty to review and approve or disapprove a proposal to create a service zone, a proposal to change the boundaries of a zone, or a proposal to dissolve a zone.
As determined by the district board, a service zone may provide any service at any level within its boundaries which the district may provide.
As determined by the district board and pursuant to the requirements of this part, a service zone may exercise any fiscal powers within its boundaries that the district may exercise.
Any taxes, special taxes, assessments, or fees which are intended solely for the support of services within a zone shall be levied, assessed, and collected only within the boundaries of the zone.
To assist it in the operation of a service zone, the district board may appoint one or more advisory groups composed of persons who reside in or own property in the zone.