Chapter 2. Powers And Duties of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 12. >> Part 4. >> Chapter 2.

Every fire company may establish and adopt bylaws and regulations, and impose penalties, not exceeding five dollars or expulsion for each offense.
Every fire company regularly organized may adopt a seal, having upon it the arms of the State, and the name of the company to which it belongs.
The seal shall be under the control of and for the use of the secretary, and be by him affixed to exempt certificates, certificates of active membership, and such other documents as the by-laws provide.
The secretary of every company having a seal shall take the constitutional oath of office and give a bond as the bylaws provide for the faithful performance of his or her duties.
The secretary shall keep a record of all certificates of exemption or active membership, their date, and to whom issued; and when the company has no seal, the clerk shall keep similar entries of certificates issued to obtain county clerk's certificates.
Every certificate is prima facie evidence of the facts stated in it.
The chief or ranking officer of every fire company shall inquire into the cause of, and keep a record of, every fire occurring in the town.
The chief or ranking officer shall aid in the enforcement of all fire ordinances, examine buildings in process of erection, report violations of ordinances relating to prevention or extinguishment of fires, and when directed by the proper authorities institute prosecutions therefor.
The chief or ranking officer shall perform other duties as may be by proper authority imposed upon him or her.
Every chief, if any, shall attend all fires with his or her badge of office conspicuously displayed.
The chief or ranking officer shall prevent injury to, take charge of, and preserve all property rescued from fires, and return the property to its owner on the payment of the expenses incurred in saving and keeping it.