Chapter 2. Resolution of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 12. >> Part 5. >> Chapter 2.

Whenever weeds are growing upon any street, sidewalk, or on private property in any county, the board of supervisors, by resolution, may declare the weeds a public nuisance.
The resolution shall refer, by the name under which it is commonly known, to the street, highway, or road upon which the nuisance exists, upon which the sidewalks are located, or upon which the private property affected fronts or abuts or nearest to which the private property is located.
If the private property fronts or abuts upon more than one street, highway, or road, it is necessary to refer to only one of the streets, highways, or roads.
The resolution shall describe the property upon which, or in front of which the nuisance exists by describing the property by reference to the tract, block, lot, code area and parcel number as used in the records of the county assessor or in accordance with the map used in describing property for taxation purposes. No other description is necessary.
Any number of streets, highways, roads, or parcels of private property may be included in one resolution.