Article 10. Complaints, Inspections, And Investigations of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 2. >> Chapter 13. >> Article 10.

In order to carry out the provisions of this chapter, the department may establish procedures for the receipt, investigation, and resolution of complaints against home care organizations.
(a) The department may review and, if it determines necessary, investigate complaints filed against home care organizations regarding violations of this chapter or any rules or regulations promulgated pursuant to this chapter.
  (b) The department shall verify through random, unannounced inspections that a home care organization meets the requirements of this chapter and the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to this chapter.
  (c) An investigation or inspection conducted by the department pursuant to this chapter may include, but is not limited to, inspection of the books, records, or premises of a home care organization. A home care organization's refusal to make records, books, or premises available shall constitute cause for the revocation of the home care organization's license.
  (d) Other than maintaining the home care registry, the department shall have no oversight responsibility regarding registered home care aides.
  (e) Upon receipt of a report of suspected or known abuse, as set forth in subdivision (e) of Section 1796.42, the department shall cross-report the suspected or known abuse to local law enforcement and Adult Protective Services if the alleged victim is 18 years of age or older, or local law enforcement and Child Protective Services if the alleged victim is under 18 years of age. Other than the cross-reporting required by this subdivision, the department shall not be required to investigate suspected or known abuse or have other responsibilities related to the suspected or known abuse. This subdivision shall not supersede the existing duty of home health aides and home health agencies as mandated reporters to report directly to local law enforcement or county adult protective services pursuant to Section 15630.
A duly authorized officer, employee, or agent of the department may, upon presentation of proper identification, enter a home care organization during posted business hours, with or without advance notice, to secure compliance with, or to prevent a violation of, any provision of this chapter or any provision promulgated under this chapter.