Article 2. Duties Of The Commission of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 2.5. >> Chapter 8. >> Article 2.

The commission shall review and approve regulations, standards, and guidelines to be developed by the authority for implementation of this division.
The commission shall advise the authority on the development of an emergency medical data collection system.
The commission shall advise the director concerning the assessment of emergency facilities and services.
The commission shall advise the director with regard to communications, medical equipment, training personnel, facilities, and other components of an emergency medical services system.
The commission shall review and comment upon the emergency medical services portion of the State Health Facilities and Service Plan developed pursuant to Section 127155.
Based upon evaluations of the EMS systems in the state and their coordination, the commission shall make recommendations for further development and future directions of the emergency medical services in the state.
The commission may utilize technical advisory panels established pursuant to the provisions of Section 1797.133 as are needed to assist in developing standards for emergency medical services.