Chapter 1.5. Findings And Purposes of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 13. >> Part 2.1. >> Chapter 1.5.

The Legislature finds and declares that increasing numbers of Californians live in manufactured homes and mobilehomes and that most of those living in such manufactured homes and mobilehomes reside in mobilehome parks. Because of the high cost of moving manufactured homes and mobilehomes, most owners of manufactured homes and mobilehomes reside within mobilehome parks for substantial periods of time. Because of the relatively permanent nature of residence in such parks and the substantial investment which a manufactured home or mobilehome represents, residents of mobilehome parks are entitled to live in conditions which assure their health, safety, general welfare, and a decent living environment, and which protect the investment of their manufactured homes and mobilehomes.
The Legislature finds and declares that the standards and requirements established for construction, maintenance, occupancy, use, and design of mobilehome parks should guarantee park residents maximum protection of their investment and a decent living environment. At the same time, the standards and requirements should be flexible enough to accommodate new technologies and to allow designs that reduce costs and enhance the living environment of park residents.
The Legislature finds and declares that the inclusion of specific standards within a statute often precludes the rapid and flexible action needed to correct substandard conditions, and that it is desirable to delete outdated requirements, and to add new and useful requirements designed to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of park residents or to encourage use of new technologies in the development of mobilehome parks.
The Legislature finds and declares that the specific requirements relating to construction, maintenance, occupancy, use, and design of parks are best developed by the department in accordance with the criteria established by this part. Placing this responsibility with the department will allow for modifications of specific requirements in a rapid fashion and in a manner responsive to the needs of park residents and owners.
(a) The department shall provide to each mobilehome park licensed to operate under this part a sign in large boldface print, with the name, address, and telephone number of the mobilehome ombudsman designated under Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 18150) of Part 2. The sign shall be posted by the management in the mobilehome park clubhouse or in another conspicuous public place within the mobilehome park.
  (b) (1) The enforcement of the posting of the ombudsman sign required by subdivision (a) may be accomplished by telephonic or written communication, or by site inspection in response to a specific complaint concerning the posting of the sign, by site inspection in response to a combination of complaints concerning the posting of the sign and other alleged code violations, or pursuant to the mobilehome park inspection program set forth in Section 18400.1.
  (2) This section does not require that enforcement of its provisions be accomplished by site inspection of every mobilehome park, or reissuance of a new ombudsman sign to every mobilehome park in the enforcement agency's jurisdiction to ensure that the ombudsman signs required by this section are posted.
  (c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this part, a violation of this section is an infraction.
(a) It is the purpose of this part to accomplish both of the following:
  (1) Assure protection of the health, safety, and general welfare of all mobilehome park residents.
  (2) Allow modifications in regulations adopted pursuant to this part in a manner consistent with the criteria established in this part.
  (b) The regulations adopted by the department pursuant to the authority granted in this part shall provide equivalent or greater protection to residents of mobilehome parks than the statutes and regulations in effect prior to January 1, 1978.