Article 1. Definitions And General Provisions of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 14. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 1.

"District," as used in this chapter, means a police protection district formed pursuant to this chapter or pursuant to any law which it supersedes.
"Board," as used in this chapter, means the board of supervisors of the county in which it is proposed to form a district, or in which a district has been formed.
"District board," as used in this chapter, means the board of police commissioners of a district.
"Commissioner," as used in this chapter, means a member of the district board.
Any reference in this chapter to a county or county officer is a reference to the county or officer of the county in which a district is situated.
No tax levied, assessed, or collected, and no election held, pursuant to this chapter is illegal, void, or voidable on account of any error, omission, or informality, or failure to comply strictly with this chapter.
A "precinct area" as used in this chapter means, with respect to the proceedings for the formation of an unincorporated town as a police protection district, an election precinct or such portion thereof as is located within the boundary of such town at the time that the petition for the formation of that town as a police protection district is presented to the board.
No district shall be created or organized pursuant to this chapter after October 1, 1959. The organization, existence, or powers of any district heretofore created by, or organized pursuant to, this chapter shall continue to exist and any such district may exercise any of the powers conferred upon it by this chapter.
Any district in existence on January 1, 2008, in an unincorporated town may protect and safeguard life and property, and may equip and maintain a police department, including purchasing and maintaining ambulances, and otherwise securing police protection.