Article 3. Hazardous Waste Resource And Research Coordination Program of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 20. >> Chapter 6.5. >> Article 3.

The department shall establish the Hazardous Waste Resource and Research Coordination Program, which consists of the following two components:
  (a) A data base containing information on known hazardous waste research being conducted within the state pursuant to Section 25131.
  (b) A pool of research consultants qualified in the field of hazardous waste management established pursuant to Section 25132.
(a) The department shall assemble a bibliographic cross-referenced data base containing all of the following information on known hazardous waste research programs which are ongoing within the state:
  (1) The institution or organization sponsoring the research program.
  (2) The principal investigators conducting the research.
  (3) A brief description of the research, including anticipated applications of the resulting information.
  (4) The specific problems facing hazardous waste generators that the research is designed to address, including, but not limited to, specific hazardous waste streams or specific production processes.
  (5) A summary of results already achieved by the research program.
  (6) The date on which the program began, and its expected completion date.
  (b) The department shall update the data base annually, and the department shall make the information in the data base available to the public at a cost not greater than the department's printing and mailing costs.
(a) The department shall establish and maintain a pool of research consultants expert in the field of hazardous waste management. The department may consult with the individual members of the pool to develop a directed approach to research in hazardous waste management. This approach shall include, but is not limited to, emphasis on interdisciplinary research into the relationships between air, water, and soils as media for the spread of hazardous substances and toxic effects in the environment. The department may utilize these research consultants as needed to implement this chapter.
  (b) Individual research consultants within the pool may receive compensation as determined by the department, including per diem and reimbursement for travel expenses incurred as a result of official business.