Article 12.5. The Perchlorate Contamination Prevention Program of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 20. >> Chapter 6.5. >> Article 12.5.

For the purposes of this article, the following definitions shall apply:
  (a) "Management" means disposal, storage, packaging, processing, pumping, recovery, recycling, transportation, transfer, treatment, use, and reuse.
  (b) "Perchlorate" means all perchlorate-containing compounds.
  (c) "Perchlorate facility" means all contiguous land, and the structures, appurtenances and improvements on the land, that has been used for the management of perchlorate material. A perchlorate facility may consist of one or more units, or combination of units, that is or has been used for the management of perchlorate material.
  (d) "Perchlorate material" means perchlorate and all perchlorate-containing substances, including, but not limited to, waste perchlorate and perchlorate-containing waste.
  (e) "Public drinking water well" has the same meaning as defined in paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 25299.97.
On or before July 1, 2004, the owner or operator of a perchlorate facility, located within a 5-mile radius of a public drinking water well that has been found by any state or local agency to be contaminated with perchlorate, shall submit to the Environmental Protection Agency a summary of any subsurface and any groundwater monitoring, investigation, or remediation work that has been performed at the facility. The owner or operator shall submit the information electronically, if it is available in electronic format.