Article 4. Fees of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 20. >> Chapter 6.8. >> Article 4.

The Director of Finance shall schedule in the annual Budget Act the projects proposed in any fiscal year, that will incur direct costs for removal and remedial actions at hazardous substance release sites.
(a) Except as provided in subdivisions (b) and (c), any potentially responsible party at a site, or any person who has notified the department of that person's intent to undertake removal or remediation at a site, shall reimburse the department, pursuant to Chapter 6.66 (commencing with Section 25269), for the costs incurred by the department for its oversight of any preliminary endangerment assessment at that site.
  (b) This section does not apply to any notice of intent submitted to the department prior to July 1, 1998. Any person who submitted such a notice shall pay the fee, if not already paid, as required by this section as it read on December 31, 1997, unless the department and that person mutually agree to enter into a reimbursement agreement in lieu of any unpaid portion of the required fee.
  (c) The changes made in this section by Chapter 870 of the Statutes of 1997 do not require amendment of, or otherwise affect, any agreement entered into prior to July 1, 1998, pursuant to which any person has agreed to reimburse the department for the costs incurred by the department for its oversight of a preliminary endangerment assessment.