Chapter 19. Fungal Contamination Review Panel And Research Program of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 20. >> Chapter 19.

(a) The California Research Bureau, in consultation with the State Department of Health Services, shall perform a study and publish findings on fungal contamination affecting indoor environments, in accordance with this chapter.
  (b) The California Research Bureau shall organize meetings of a review panel to assist in the preparation of appropriate content for the study.
  (c) The California Research Bureau shall appoint to the review panel a diverse group of professionals including, but not limited to, representatives of the following:
  (1) Health officers.
  (2) Environmental health directors.
  (3) Experts on the health effects of fungi.
  (4) Medical experts.
  (5) Mold testing experts.
  (6) Industrial hygienists.
  (7) Engineers.
The review panel shall examine the following areas relating to fungal contamination in indoor environments:
  (a) Medical and public health.
  (b) Evaluation and monitoring.
  (c) Remediation and prevention.
  (d) Educational materials.
  (e) Hazard communication.
  (f) Any other area identified by the review panel.
The panel shall review and, to the extent resources and expertise permit, make findings on all of the following:
  (a) The health effects of exposure to fungi, based on a review of the literature addressing immunology, infectious disease, and medical evaluation.
  (b) The practices for assessing fungal contamination, including the use of visual inspection, surface sampling, air monitoring, and the proper analysis of environmental samples.
  (c) To the extent feasible, the appropriateness of commercially available methods for identifying fungal contamination of building components including, but not limited to, walls, ventilation systems, and support beams.
  (d) The options for preventing and remediating fungal contamination in indoor environments. The findings are intended as a practical guide regarding options for building managers, homeowners, and members of the general public who may have concerns about fungal contamination in living and working environments.
  (e) Recommendations on hazard communication for distinct subpopulations, including workers employed in high-risk occupations.
  (f) The development of a recommended reading list related to molds, their health effects, their impacts on indoor air quality, and related topics for local government officials, including environmental health officers.
  (g) Any additional topical areas deemed appropriate by the review panel.
(a) By January 1, 2003, the California Research Bureau shall submit to the Legislature and the Director of Health Services the published findings of the study.
  (b) (1) The findings may provide relevant information to the State Department of Health Services for the purpose of establishing standards and guidelines on fungal contamination affecting indoor environments pursuant to Chapter 18 (commencing with Section 26100).
  (2) This subdivision may serve as a source of information for department programs relating to fungal contamination, including those provisions that become operative if Senate Bill 732 is enacted and adds Chapter 18 (commencing with Section 26100).
Of the funds identified in provision (2) of Item 6120-011-0001 of the Budget Act of 2001, twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) shall be made available to be used for contracts for outside researchers pursuant to this chapter.