Article 4. Declaration Of State Policy—antidiscrimination of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 24. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 4.

(a) It is hereby declared to be the policy of the state that in undertaking community redevelopment projects under this part there shall be no discrimination because of any basis listed in subdivision (a) or (d) of Section 12955 of the Government Code, as those bases are defined in Sections 12926, 12926.1, subdivision (m) and paragraph (1) of subdivision (p) of Section 12955, and Section 12955.2 of the Government Code.
  (b) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), with respect to familial status, subdivision (a) shall not be construed to apply to housing for older persons, as defined in Section 12955.9 of the Government Code. With respect to familial status, nothing in subdivision (a) shall be construed to affect Sections 51.2, 51.3, 51.4, 51.10, 51.11, and 799.5 of the Civil Code, relating to housing for senior citizens. Subdivision (d) of Section 51, Section 4760, and Section 6714 of the Civil Code, and subdivisions (n), (o), and (p) of Section 12955 of the Government Code shall apply to subdivision (a).
If the legislative body of the City and County of San Francisco adopts, or has adopted, an ordinance which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, it may require the agency to prohibit discrimination on that basis. In this case, the agency shall implement Sections 33435, 33436, and 33724 as if the discrimination prohibited by the legislative body were also prohibited by Section 33050.