Article 2. Designation Of Survey Area of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 24. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 2.

Survey areas may be designated by resolution of the legislative body, or the legislative body may by resolution authorize the designation of survey areas by resolution of the planning commission or by resolution of the members of the agency.
Any person, group, association or corporation may in writing, request the legislative body (or the planning commission or the agency if they are authorized by the legislative body to designate survey areas) to designate a survey area or areas for project study purposes, and may submit with their request plans showing the proposed redevelopment of such areas or any part or parts thereof.
The resolution designating a survey area or areas shall contain the following:
  (a) A finding that the area requires study to determine if a redevelopment project or projects within said area are feasible;
  (b) A description of the boundaries of the area designated.