Article 1. General Provisions And Definitions of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 5. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 1.

This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the sewer maintenance district act.
"District," as used in this chapter, means a sewer maintenance district formed pursuant to this chapter or pursuant to any law which it supersedes.
"Board," as used in this chapter, means the board of supervisors of the county in which a district is formed, or in which it is proposed to form a district.
"Clerk," as used in this chapter, means the clerk of the board of supervisors.
This chapter does not repeal any law providing for the organization of sanitary districts or county sanitation districts nor authorize the governing body of a sewer maintenance district to manage, control, or otherwise interfere with the maintenance or repair of any sewers under the control of a sanitary district or county sanitation district.
"Sewers" as used in this chapter includes lateral and collecting sewers, septic tanks and all other means of handling, gathering and disposing of sewage in the district.