Article 1. Definitions of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 6. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 1.

"Board" or "board of directors" means the governing authority of a public agency.
"Public agency" means a city, a county, a special district, or any other political subdivision of the state which is otherwise authorized to acquire, construct, maintain, or operate sanitary sewers or sewage systems. "Public agency" does not mean an improvement district organized pursuant to the Improvement Act of 1911 (Division 7 (commencing with Section 5000), Streets and Highways Code), or the Municipal Improvement Act of 1913 (Division 12 (commencing with Section 10000), Streets and Highways Code) or the Improvement Bond Act of 1915 (Division 10 (commencing with Section 8500), Streets and Highways Code), or a county maintenance district.
"On-site wastewater disposal system" means any of several works, facilities, devices, or other mechanisms used to collect, treat, recycle, or dispose of wastewater without the use of communitywide sanitary sewers or sewage systems.
"Owner of real property" means any public agency owning land and any person shown as the owner of land on the last equalized assessment roll; provided that where such person is no longer the owner, the term means any person entitled to be shown as owner on the next assessment roll and where land is subject to a recorded written agreement of sale, the term means any person shown therein as purchaser.
"Zone" means an on-site wastewater disposal zone formed pursuant to this chapter.
"Real property" means both land and improvements to land which benefit, directly or indirectly from, or on behalf of, the activities of the zone.