Article 2. Application, Permit And Certificate Of Occupancy of California Health And Safety Code >> Division 8. >> Part 5. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 2.

A person desiring a permit shall file a written application with the department or official charged with the enforcement of this part on forms furnished by it. The application shall:
  (a) Show in detail the proposed erection, construction, reconstruction, or alteration.
  (b) State the name and address of the owner.
  (c) State the name and address of the architect, structural engineer, or contractor, if any.
  (d) State that the plans and specifications are true and contain a correct description of the proposed work.
  (e) Give any other data or information required by the department.
The application shall be accompanied by:
  (a) Two full, true and complete sets of plans showing in detail the work proposed and whether it is for new work, reconstruction, or alteration.
  (b) Two sets of specifications describing the proposed work.
  (c) The plans of the lot or land on which the building is proposed to be erected, reconstructed, or altered.
  (d) The written approval of the plans and specifications and consent to the proposed erection, construction, reconstruction, or alteration, executed by the cemetery authority owning or operating the cemetery in which the work is to be performed.
The department shall cause all plans, specifications, and statements to be examined, and, if they conform to the provisions of this part, shall issue a permit.
The department may, from time to time, approve changes in any plans, specifications, or statements, previously approved if the changes are in conformity with the provisions of this part.
The issuance or granting of a permit or approval is not a permit or approval of a violation of any provision of this part.
A true copy of the plans, specifications, and other information submitted or filed upon which a permit is issued, with the approval of the department with which they are filed, stamped or written on the copy, and signed by the officer or officers authorizing the permit, shall be kept upon the premises of the building for which the permit is issued from the commencement of the work until final completion and acceptance, and shall be subject to inspection at all times by proper authorities.