Chapter 1. Extension Of Public Works of California Labor Code >> Division 2. >> Part 8. >> Chapter 1.

As used in this chapter, "State agency" means any department, division, board, bureau, or commission of the State.
The Department of Finance shall ascertain and secure from the several State agencies tentative plans for the extension of public works which are best adapted to supply increased opportunities for advantageous public labor during periods of temporary unemployment. Such plans shall include estimates of the amount, character, and duration of employment, the number of employees who could be profitably employed therein, together with rates of wages and other information which the Department of Finance deems necessary.
The department shall keep constantly advised of industrial conditions throughout the State as affecting the employment of labor. Whenever the Governor represents or the division has reason to believe, that a period of extraordinary unemployment caused by industrial depression exists in the state, it shall immediately hold an inquiry into the facts relating thereto, and report to the Governor whether, in fact, such condition exists.
If the department reports to the Governor that a condition of extraordinary unemployment caused by industrial depression does exist within this state, the Department of Finance may apportion the available Emergency Fund among the several state agencies for the extension of the public works of the state under the charge or direction thereof, in the manner which the Department of Finance believes to be best adapted to advance the public interest by providing the maximum of public employment consistent with the most useful, permanent, and economic extension of public works.
The Department of Employment Development immediately upon the publication of a finding under this chapter that a period of extraordinary unemployment due to industrial depression exists throughout this state shall prepare approved lists of applicants for public employment, secure full information as to their industrial qualifications, and shall submit the same to the Department of Finance for transmission to the state agencies which avail themselves of the provisions of this chapter.