Chapter 3. Successorship of California Labor Code >> Division 2. >> Part 8.5. >> Chapter 3.

A successor to any employer that is engaged in car washing and polishing that owed wages and penalties to the predecessor's former employee or employees is liable for those wages and penalties if the successor meets any of the following criteria:
  (a) Uses substantially the same facilities or workforce to offer substantially the same services as the predecessor employer.
  (b) Shares in the ownership, management, control of the labor relations, or interrelations of business operations with the predecessor employer.
  (c) Employs in a managerial capacity any person who directly or indirectly controlled the wages, hours, or working conditions of the affected employees of the predecessor employer.
  (d) Is an immediate family member of any owner, partner, officer, or director of the predecessor employer of any person who had a financial interest in the predecessor employer.