Article 1. General Provisions of California Labor Code >> Division 4. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 9. >> Article 1.

It is the intent of this chapter to apply to all enrollees in economic opportunity programs, including, but not limited to, work training or work study authorized by or financed in whole or in part through provisions of Public Law 88-452 (Economic Opportunity Act of 1964).
"Economic Opportunity Program" means any program adopted pursuant to Public Law 88-452, including, but not limited to, work training and work study.
"Enrollee" means any person enrolled in an economic opportunity program.
"Sponsoring agency" means any agency, entity, or institution, public or private, receiving grants or financial assistance, either directly or as a subcontractor, pursuant to Public Law 88-452.
"Participating agency" means any agency, entity or institution, public or private, taking part in an economic opportunity program, other than a sponsoring agency.
Except as provided in this chapter, an enrollee within a given economic opportunity program shall have no right to receive compensation from sponsoring or participating agencies, entities, and institutions, public or private.
Compensation shall be furnished an enrollee for injury or to dependents if injury causes death, suffered within or without the state occurring in the course of his duties for a sponsoring agency within an economic opportunity program if the following conditions occur:
  (a) Where, at the time of injury, the enrollee is performing services and is acting within the scope of his duties as a recipient of aid within an economic opportunity program.
  (b) Where injury is proximately caused by his service as an enrollee within an economic opportunity program either with or without negligence.
  (c) Where injury is not caused by the intoxication of the injured enrollee.
  (d) Where the injury is not intentionally self-inflicted.
Where the conditions of compensation exist, the right to recover such compensation pursuant to the provisions of this chapter is the exclusive remedy for injury or death of an enrollee against the sponsoring agency, or the participating agency.
Insofar as not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter, all of the provisions of this division shall pertain to enrollees and their dependents and the furnishing of compensation benefits thereto.