Article 2. Benefits of California Labor Code >> Division 4. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 9. >> Article 2.

Where liability for compensation exists, such compensation shall be provided as limited by this chapter.
If an enrollee suffers injury or death in the performance of his duties under an economic opportunity program, then, irrespective of his remuneration from this or other employment, his average weekly earnings for the purpose of determining temporary and permanent disability indemnity shall be determined in accordance with Section 4453, provided that for the purpose of this chapter only, there shall be no statutory minimum average weekly earnings for temporary disability indemnity. If the injury sustained by an enrollee causes death, death benefits shall be determined in accordance with Sections 4701 and 4702 of this code.
If the injury sustained by an enrollee causes permanent disability, the percentage of disability to total disability shall be determined for the occupation of a laborer of like age by applying the schedule for the determination of the percentage of permanent disabilities prepared and adopted by the appeals board.
In addition to death benefit in the event of fatal injury, the reasonable expenses of the enrollee's burial shall be paid not to exceed six hundred dollars ($600).