Article 4. Purchases of California Labor Code >> Division 2. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 4.

(a) No employer, or agent or officer thereof, or other person, may compel or coerce any employee, or applicant for employment, to patronize his or her employer, or any other person, in the purchase of any thing of value.
  (b) For purposes of this section, to compel or coerce the purchase of any thing of value includes, but is not limited to, instances where an employer requires the payment of a fee or consideration of any type from an applicant for employment for any of the following purposes:
  (1) For an individual to apply for employment orally or in writing.
  (2) For an individual to receive, obtain, complete, or submit an application for employment.
  (3) For an employer to provide, accept, or process an application for employment.
Any person, or agent or officer thereof, who violates this article is guilty of a misdemeanor.
Nothing in this article shall prohibit an employer from prescribing the weight, color, quality, texture, style, form and make of uniforms required to be worn by his employees.