Article 3. Undertaking On Stay Order of California Labor Code >> Division 4. >> Part 4. >> Chapter 7. >> Article 3.

The operation of any order, decision, or award of the appeals board under the provisions of this division or any judgment entered thereon, shall not at any time be stayed by the court to which petition is made for a writ of review, unless an undertaking is executed on the part of the petitioner.
The undertaking shall provide that:
  (a) The petitioner and sureties are bound in double the amount named in such order, decision, or award.
  (b) If the order, decision, or award appealed from, or any part thereof, is affirmed, or the proceeding upon review is dismissed, the petitioner will pay the amount directed to be paid by the order, decision, or award or the part of such amount as to which the order, decision, or award is affirmed, and all damages and costs which are awarded against the petitioner.
  (c) If the petitioner does not make such payment within 30 days after the filing with the appeals board of the remittitur from the reviewing court, judgment in favor of the adverse party may be entered on motion of the adverse party, and the undertaking shall apply to any judgment entered thereon. Such judgment may be entered in any superior court in which a certified copy of the order, decision, or award is filed, against the sureties for such amount, together with interest that is due thereon, and the damages and costs which are awarded against the petitioner. The provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, except insofar as they are inconsistent with this division, are applicable to the undertaking.
The undertaking shall be filed with the appeals board. The certificate of the appeals board, or any proper officer thereof, of the filing and approval of such undertaking, is sufficient evidence of the compliance of the petitioner with the provisions of this article.