Chapter 1. General Provisions of California Labor Code >> Division 4.5. >> Chapter 1.

The purpose of this division is to effect economy, efficiency, and continuity in the public service by providing means for increasing the willingness of competent persons to assume the risk of injuries or death in State employment and for restoring experienced employees to productive work at the earliest possible moment following injury in the course of and arising out of State employment, irrespective of fault, in circumstances which make the injury or resulting death noncompensable under the provisions of Division 4 of this code.
Unless the context otherwise requires, as used in this division:
  (a) "State agency" means any agency, department, division, commission, board, bureau, officer, or other authority of the State of California.
  (b) "Fund" means State Compensation Insurance Fund.
  (c) "Appeals board" means the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.