Chapter 1. Jurisdiction of California Labor Code >> Division 5. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 1.

The division has jurisdiction over:
  (a) The safety and health of railroad employees employed in offices and in shops devoted to the construction, maintenance or repair of railroad equipment, and all other railroad employees with respect to occupational health, including, but not limited to, air contaminants, noise, sanitation and availability of drinking water.
  (b) The occupational safety and health of employees of rail rapid transit systems, electric interurban railroads, or street railroads.
  (c) The safety of employees of all other public utilities as defined in the Public Utilities Act.
The jurisdiction vested in the division shall in no instance, except those affecting exclusively the safety of employees, impair, diminish, or in any way affect the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission over the construction, reconstruction, replacement, maintenance, or operation of the properties of public utilities or over any matter affecting the relationship between public utilities and their customers or the general public.
If the division makes or issues any order, decision, ruling or direction under this chapter which, in the judgment of the Public Utilities Commission, unduly and prejudicially interferes with the construction or operation of any public utility affected thereby, or with the public, or with a consumer or other patron of a public utility affected thereby, the Public Utilities Commission, of its own motion, or upon application of any utility or person so affected, may suspend, modify, alter, or annul such order, decision, ruling, or direction of the commission. The action of the Public Utilities Commission shall supersede and control the order, decision, ruling, or direction of the division previously made.