Article 3. Bonds of California Military And Veterans Code >> Division 6. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 3.

Bonds of a district may be issued, sold, and the proceeds thereof expended in the exercise of any of the powers of the district or in the accomplishment of the purposes of this chapter whenever two-thirds of the registered electors of the district who vote upon a proposal to issue bonds vote in favor thereof.
The board may, and upon petition of eight per cent of the registered electors of the district shall, submit to the electors of the district the question whether bonds of the district shall be issued and sold for the purposes set forth by the board in the notice calling the election at which the question is submitted.
The question may be submitted at a special bond election called for that purpose or at a general district election. If called upon petition of the electors of the district, the question shall be submitted not later than the ninetieth day after the filing of the petition therefor with the secretary of the board. The notice calling the election shall be entered in the minutes of the board and in addition to other requirements of this chapter governing the general district election shall contain a statement of the purpose of the proposed bond issue, the amount of bonds proposed to be issued, and the rate of interest, not exceeding six per cent, to be paid thereon.
If the question whether bonds of the district are to be issued is submitted at a special election, such election shall be noticed, called, conducted, governed, and regulated, in the same manner prescribed for the general district election.
If at such election two-thirds of the votes cast are in favor of issuing the bonds of the district, the board shall cause that fact to be entered upon its minutes and shall at once certify to the board of supervisors all of the proceedings of the board in connection with the proposed bond issue, including the purpose thereof, the amount thereof, rate of interest to be paid thereon, and the result of the election.
Thereupon, the board of supervisors, by an order entered in its minutes, shall provide for the issuance and sale of bonds of the district in the amount approved by the electors of the district at the election and shall provide for the payment of the proceeds of the sale of the bonds into the county treasury to the credit of a special fund known as the memorial district bond fund which shall be used for the purposes specified in the order of the board of directors calling the special election and shall be expended upon warrants of the county auditor.
The board of supervisors shall issue and sell the bonds of the district in the manner and form prescribed by law for county bonds and subject to the conditions therein specified regarding the denominations, maturities, and interest rates of county bonds.
If any officer whose signature, countersignature, or attestation appears on any district bonds or coupons thereof, ceases to be such officer before the delivery of the bonds to the purchaser thereof, such signature, countersignature, or attestation shall nevertheless be valid and sufficient for all purposes the same as if such officer had remained in office until the delivery of the bonds. The signature upon the coupons of the person who is county auditor at the date of such bonds shall be valid although the bonds themselves may be attested by a different person who is county auditor at the time of delivery of the bonds.
The board of supervisors at the time of making the levy of taxes for county purposes shall levy a tax for that year upon the taxable property in the district for the interest and redemption of district bonds. Such tax shall not be less than sufficient to pay the interest of the bonds for that year and the portion of the principal due or to become due during the year, and in any event shall be sufficient to raise annually for the first half of the term of the bonds the sum necessary to pay the interest thereon; and during the balance of the term, sufficient to pay the annual interest and to pay annually a proportion of the principal of the bonds equal to a sum produced by taking the whole amount of the bonds outstanding and dividing it by the number of years the bonds then have to run. All money so collected shall be paid into the county treasury to the credit of the district bond retirement fund and be used for the payment of the principal and interest on the bonds and for no other purpose until all bonded indebtedness of the district has been paid in full. The principal and interest on bonds shall be paid by the county treasurer upon the warrant of the county auditor out of the district bond retirement fund if that fund has sufficient moneys and otherwise out of any other funds of the district. The county auditor shall cancel and retain such bonds and coupons when he draws his warrants on the treasurer in favor of the owners thereof.
Whenever the bonds of a district have been investigated and certified by any officer of this state authorized to make such investigation and certification, and by the authority of such certification have been declared to be legal for investment by savings banks of this state, then such bonds may be lawfully purchased or received in pledge for loans by savings banks, building and loan associations, trust companies, insurance companies, guardians, conservators, executors, administrators, special administrators, or by any public officer within this state holding funds which by law may be invested or loaned.