Article 6. Annexation of California Military And Veterans Code >> Division 6. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 6.

The boundaries of any district organized or existing under this chapter may be altered and new territory annexed to, and incorporated within, it pursuant to this article.
To qualify for annexation, new territory shall be contiguous to the existing district.
Proceedings may be commenced for the annexation of territory to an existing district by petition filed with the county clerk and signed by registered voters residing within the territory to be annexed equal in number to at least eight percent of the number of votes cast in the territory proposed to be annexed for the office of Governor at the last general election at which a Governor was elected. If both incorporated and unincorporated territory are included within the new territory, the petition shall be signed by registered voters equal in number in each territory to at least eight percent of the votes so cast therein for Governor.
The petition shall be addressed to the board of supervisors of the county within which the district is situated, shall be signed by the number of qualified registered voters specified in Section 1253, and shall propose and set forth:
  (a) The annexation of new territory under this article.
  (b) The calling by the board of supervisors of a meeting to conduct a hearing upon the question whether the new territory should be annexed.
  (c) An accurate description of the boundaries of the new territory specifying what portion of the territory is incorporated and what portion unincorporated.
Within 30 days after the filing of the petition the county elections official shall find and certify whether the petition is signed by the requisite number of qualified registered voters of the territory proposed to be annexed and of the incorporated and unincorporated portions thereof and shall present the petition with the certificate of his or her findings attached thereto to the board of supervisors at its first regular meeting held 10 days from the date of certification of the petition. At the regular meeting the board shall ascertain whether the petition in all respects complies with the requirements therefor, except that the certificate shall be conclusive evidence of the sufficiency of the signatures to the petition. If the board finds that the petition complies with the requirements, it shall at the same regular meeting fix a time and place for the hearing of the petition not less than 20 days nor more than 40 days after the date of the meeting, and shall direct the clerk of the board to publish a notice once a week for three successive weeks in a newspaper circulated in the territory that is proposed to be annexed, and that the board deems most likely to give notice to the inhabitants of the territory.
The notice required in Section 1255 shall state the fact that the board has fixed the time and place, which shall be stated in the notice, for a hearing on the matter of the annexation of territory to the memorial district. The notice shall describe the territory or shall specify the exterior boundaries of the territory proposed to be annexed to the district.
If, at the close of the hearing, the board of supervisors determines to annex the territory, or any portion thereof, it shall so declare by resolution. The annexation shall be effective upon the date of the adoption of the resolution unless one percent or more of the voters living within the territory to be annexed have at or prior to hearing filed written objections to the annexation. If written objections to the proposed annexation are made by the number of voters specified in this section, the annexation shall not be effective until it is approved by a majority vote of the voters of the territory proposed to be annexed. The election shall be conducted substantially as provided in Sections 1179, 1180, and 1181.
The declaration of the result and recordation of the statement of the election shall be carried out substantially pursuant to Sections 1182 and 1183 of this chapter except that the words "formation of the district" shall be replaced in each instance by the words "annexation of the new territory."
Territory forming a part of any existing district at the time of presentation of a petition for annexation, shall not be annexed pursuant to this article.