Chapter 3. Reinstatement Of Public Officers After Military Service of California Military And Veterans Code >> Division 7. >> Chapter 3.

Any elected officer of the State who is called to serve with the armed forces of the United States has a right to return to and to re-enter upon his office after the termination of his active service with the armed forces if the term for which he is elected has not expired.
Upon his return and re-entry or his return to the office he shall have all of the rights and privileges in, connected with, or arising out of, the office which he would have enjoyed if he had not been absent.
Any vacancy created by such absence may be filled by a temporary appointment, as provided by law, for a term not to extend beyond the time of the return and re-entry to the office by such absent person or beyond the term for which he is elected.
If any such officer was required by law to file an oath of office or to execute a bond prior to his original entry upon the duties of the office, he shall file an oath and execute a bond in like manner and form prior to his re-entry upon the duties of the office.