Article 1. Membership of California Military And Veterans Code >> Division 2. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 1.

The National Guard consists of:
  (a) General officers.
  (b) The several staff corps and departments prescribed in tables of organization of the United States Army or United States Air Force or tables of organization for the National Guard.
  (c) The officers and enlisted men and women on the retired and the reserve lists.
  (d) The organizations forming the National Guard and persons enlisted or commissioned therein.
The Governor may alter, divide, annex, consolidate, disband, or reorganize any organization, department, or corps and create new organizations, departments, or corps when required by the provisions of this division or whenever in his judgment the efficiency of the State forces will be thereby increased. The Governor may also change the organization of any organization, department, or corps so as to conform to any system of drill, or instruction prescribed by the laws of the United States for the National Guard and for that purpose the number of the officers and noncommissioned officers of any grade may be increased or diminished and the grades of such officers and noncommissioned officers may be altered to the extent necessary to secure such conformity.
The inactive National Guard shall consist of those organizations, officers, and enlisted men and women as are authorized and prescribed by the laws of the United States and regulations issued thereunder.
Members of the California National Guard who have reverted from federal control to state control thereby become members of the State Military Reserve and are subject to Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 550) of Part 2 of this division for the unexpired period of their enlistment or appointment, unless upon reversion the members are assigned to active units of the California National Guard which have not been called or ordered into federal service.
During the absence of organizations of the National Guard in the service of the United States, their State or Federal designations shall not be given to new organizations.
For all purposes under this code, commissioned officers, warrant officers and enlisted men and women of the California National Guard, California Air National Guard, and California National Guard Reserve who have heretofore or hereafter performed service in the United States Army, United States Air Force, United States Navy, or a reserve component thereof shall be entitled to credit for time so served as if that service had been rendered in the state forces. Service in the state forces shall include all full-time active duty and part-time duty performed heretofore or hereafter either as an enlisted man or woman, warrant officer or commissioned officer pursuant to any prior or present section or sections or provisions of this code. Federal law notwithstanding, in computing state service for retirement with pay under this authority, full-time active service and part-time duty or service with the Armed Forces of the United States or any reserve component thereof shall be considered.
Former members of the National Guard who have been honorably discharged for "expiration of term of service" or on account of "removal" and have returned to the limits of their commands, and officers who have resigned or have been honorably discharged, or whose terms have expired, who reenlist or reenter the National Guard within ninety days from the date of their discharge or the expiration of their term of office, shall be given credit for continuous service, and the enlistment considered consecutive.