Article 2. Organization Allowances of California Military And Veterans Code >> Division 2. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 5. >> Article 2.

The commanding officers of the several companies, troops, batteries, squadrons, headquarters or detachments shall submit vouchers or claims for necessary expenses including armory rental, janitor service, clerical service, recruiting, care of arms and equipment, and other incidental expenses. Expenses incurred for these purposes shall upon the approval of the Adjutant General constitute valid claims against appropriations for military purposes.
No claim shall be allowed under this article except upon vendors' invoices or demand made quarterly in duplicate, signed and sworn to by the officer claiming the same, before any officer of the National Guard or Naval Militia, or notary public, and forwarded through the headquarters of the regiment, coast artillery corps, separate battalion, or next higher unit, or separate squadron, with the approval of each commanding officer through whose headquarters they are required to pass, direct to The Adjutant General.