Article 2. Authorization And Issuance Of Bonds of California Military And Veterans Code >> Division 2. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 10. >> Article 2.

Revenue bonds may be issued by the department at such times and in such amounts as do not exceed seventy-five million dollars ($75,000,000) for home loans, fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000) for farm loans, and ten million dollars ($10,000,000) for mobilehome loans as the department, with the approval of the California National Guard Finance Committee, may determine.
Whenever the department determines that revenue bonds should be issued, it shall adopt a resolution of issuance, which shall be executed for the department by the Commanding General of the California National Guard. Each resolution of issuance so adopted by the department shall be submitted to the California National Guard Finance Committee which shall consider and approve or disapprove any resolution of issuance so submitted. Upon such approval, by a resolution adopted by a majority of the members of the California National Guard Finance Committee, the resolution of issuance shall become effective and the State Treasurer shall cause the revenue bonds authorized thereunder to be prepared in accordance with the terms of the resolution of issuance.
Revenue bonds shall be issued in the name of the department and as the obligation of the department, but neither the principal of, nor the interest on, any revenue bonds shall be or become a lien, charge or liability against the State of California, the department, or the California National Guard Finance Committee, or against the property or funds of any of them, except to the extent of the pledge of revenues as may be provided by the resolution of issuance pursuant to which such revenue bonds are issued. Every revenue bond shall contain a recital substantially as follows: "Neither the faith and credit nor the taxing power of the State of California is pledged to the payment of the principal of or interest on this bond."
All revenue bonds shall bear the facsimile signature of the Adjutant General and the Deputy Adjutant General and shall be authenticated by the trustee. The Seal of the California National Guard shall be impressed, mechanically reproduced, or imprinted by facsimile upon each revenue bond. The interest coupons attached to any revenue bond shall bear a facsimile of the signature of the Adjutant General. In case any official whose signature or countersignature appears on the revenue bonds or coupons ceases to be that official before the revenue bonds so signed or countersigned have been actually executed or delivered, the signature or countersignature is nevertheless valid and sufficient for all purposes as if the person had remained in office until the delivery of the revenue bonds and the revenue bonds and coupons shall be issued and shall be as binding upon the department as though the person who signed the revenue bonds or coupons had been that official on the date borne by the revenue bonds or coupons and on the date of delivery. The revenue bonds may be signed and sealed on behalf of the department by that person as if, at the actual date of execution of the revenue bonds, the person was the Adjutant General or the Deputy Adjutant General, as the case may be, although, on the date borne by the revenue bonds, the person was not that official.
The validity of the authorization and issuance of any revenue bonds shall not be dependent on or affected by the validity or regularity of any proceedings relating to the expenditure of the proceeds thereof or the validity of any purchase contracts or payments received thereon pledged to pay revenue bonds.
Reference on the face of any revenue bonds to a resolution of issuance by its date of adoption, or the apparent date on the face thereof, shall be sufficient to incorporate all of the provisions thereof and of this chapter into the body of the revenue bonds and their appurtenant coupons. Each taker and subsequent holder of the revenue bonds or coupons, whether the coupons are attached to or detached from the revenue bonds, shall have recourse to all of the provisions of the resolution of issuance and of this chapter and shall be bound thereby.