Article 6. Bond Anticipation Notes of California Military And Veterans Code >> Division 2. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 10. >> Article 6.

The department, subject to the approval of the National Guard Members' Finance Committee, may borrow money in anticipation of the sale of revenue bonds, and for that purpose may provide for the issuance and sale of negotiable bond anticipation notes. Except as otherwise provided in this article, such notes and the resolution providing for their issuance may contain any provision, condition, or limitation which a revenue bond or any resolution of issuance may contain.
The interest on bond anticipation notes shall be payable from the same funds from which the interest on revenue bonds is payable. The principal of such notes shall be payable from the proceeds of sale of revenue bonds, provided that the department shall not be precluded from paying such principal from any other moneys lawfully available therefor.