Article 1. Indigent Veterans of California Military And Veterans Code >> Division 4. >> Chapter 5. >> Article 1.

As used in this article, unless the context otherwise indicates, "veteran" means a person who has been honorably discharged from the United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard, the Merchant Marine, or the American Red Cross, and who has served in any war.
The board of supervisors of any county may grant financial assistance, relief, and support to indigent veterans. Such assistance, relief, and support shall be administered through and by any military, naval, or marine organization created for the purpose of aiding, relieving and supporting such veterans under the terms and conditions set forth in this article.
Any organization desiring to assist indigent veterans shall first file with the board of supervisors of the county in which it is operating or intending to operate, a verified statement setting forth the following:
  (a) Name, objects, and purposes of the organization. One of the purposes shall be that mentioned in section 921.
  (b) Date of organization.
  (c) Names and addresses of officers and relief committee.
  (d) Name and address of the treasurer or financial officer in charge of the receipt and disbursement of funds.
  (e) Number of members.
  (f) Financial condition, showing total assets and liabilities.
  (g) That financial assistance for indigent veterans to be administered in accordance with the provisions of this article will be requested.
Upon the filing of the statement the board of supervisors shall set a day for its consideration not more than ten days after the date of filing. At least five days' notice of the hearing shall be given by mail to the clerk or secretary of the organization.
On the day set, the board of supervisors shall, after hearing any evidence presented, determine by resolution entered upon its minutes whether the organization is qualified to carry out this article. The resolution shall be effective for a period of one year only and may be revoked at any time.
(a) No money shall be transferred to any person under this article except to the treasurer or financial officer whose name is given in the statement required by Section 922.
  (b) The treasurer or financial officer shall, before receiving any money hereunder, file with the board of supervisors a bond or undertaking in an amount fixed by the board of supervisors. The bond shall inure to the benefit of the county and shall be conditioned upon the faithful and honest administration of the funds intrusted to the officer.
Upon receipt of a request from any organization qualified under this article, giving the names of all indigent veterans for whom relief is desired, together with the branch of service, division, regiment, and company, or other unit or designation by which each of such veterans may be identified, and a further statement that the circumstances of each of such veterans has been personally investigated by the relief committee of the organization, and that each is in all respects worthy and entitled to relief hereunder, the board of supervisors may direct the county auditor to draw his warrant upon the county treasurer for the amount specified in the request, or a lesser amount. Such warrant shall be delivered to the treasurer or financial officer of the organization.
All money paid out by any county under this article shall be used by the organization receiving it exclusively for the relief of indigent veterans and no part of it shall ever be used for administration or overhead expenses.
The indigent and dependent widow, minor child, father, or mother of any indigent veteran may be granted relief by the organization out of the money available under this article.
The necessary expenses, not to exceed three hundred fifty dollars ($350), for burial or cremation of any indigent veteran may be paid out of the money available under this article.
The money necessary to carry out this article may be taken from the general fund of the county.
Any municipal corporation may extend assistance to any organization under this article. In such case all proceedings required to be had before the board of supervisors of the county shall be had before the legislative body of the city. The words "board of supervisors," "county," "county auditor" and "county treasurer" wherever used in this article shall mean "legislative body," "city," "city auditor" and "city treasurer."