Article 5r. Veterans Bond Act Of 1984 of California Military And Veterans Code >> Division 4. >> Chapter 6. >> Article 5r.

This article may be cited as the Veterans Bond Act of 1984.
The State General Obligation Bond Law (Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 16720) of Part 3 of Division 4 of Title 2 of the Government Code), except as otherwise provided herein, is adopted for the purpose of the issuance, sale, and repayment of, and otherwise providing with respect to, the bonds authorized to be issued by this article, and the provisions of that law are included in this article as though set out in full in this article. All references in this article to "herein" refer both to this article and that law.
As used herein, the following words shall have the following meanings:
  (a) "Bond" means veterans bond, a state general obligation bond issued pursuant to this article adopting the provisions of the State General Obligation Bond Law.
  (b) "Committee" means the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943.
  (c) "Board" means the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  (d) "Fund" means the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943.
  (e) "Bond Act" means this article authorizing the issuance of state general obligation bonds and adopting the State General Obligation Bond Law by reference.
For the purpose of creating a fund to provide farm and home aid for veterans in accordance with the Veterans' Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1974 (Article 3.1 (commencing with Section 987.50)), and of all acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, the committee may create a debt or debts, liability or liabilities, of the State of California, in the aggregate amount of not more than six hundred fifty million dollars ($650,000,000) in the manner provided herein.
All bonds authorized by this article, when duly sold and delivered as provided herein, constitute valid and legally binding general obligations of the State of California, and the full faith credit of the State of California is hereby pledged for the punctual payment of both principal and interest thereof. There shall be collected annually in the same manner and at the same time as other state revenue is collected a sum of money, in addition to the ordinary revenues of the state, sufficient to pay the principal and interest on these bonds as provided herein, and all officers required by law to perform any duty in regard to the collection of state revenues shall collect this additional sum. On the dates on which funds are remitted pursuant to Section 16676 of the Government Code for the payment of the then maturing principal and interest of the bonds in each fiscal year, there shall be returned into the General Fund all of the money in the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943, not in excess of the principal of and interest on any bonds then due and payable, except as herein provided for the prior redemption of the bonds, and, if the money so returned on the remittance dates is less than the principal and interest then due and payable, the balance remaining unpaid shall be returned into the General Fund out of the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 as soon as it shall become available, together with interest thereon from the dates of maturity until so returned at the same rate of interest as borne by the bonds, compounded semiannually.
There is hereby appropriated from the General Fund, for purposes of this article, a sum of money that will equal both of the following:
  (a) That sum annually necessary to pay the principal of, and the interest on, the bonds issued and sold as provided herein, as that principal and interest become due and payable.
  (b) That sum necessary to carry out Section 998.069, appropriated without regard to fiscal years.
For purposes of this article, the Director of Finance may, by executive order, authorize the withdrawal from the General Fund of a sum of money not to exceed the amount of the unsold bonds which have been authorized to be sold by this article. Any sums withdrawn shall be deposited in the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943. All money made available under this article to the board shall be returned by the board to the General Fund from receipts from the sale of bonds sold under this article, together with interest at the rate of interest fixed in the bonds so sold.
Upon request of the board, supported by a statement of its plans and projects approved by the Governor, the committee shall determine whether to issue any bonds authorized under this article in order to carry out the board's plans and projects, and, if so, the amount of bonds to be issued and sold. Successive issues of bonds may be authorized and sold to carry out these plans and projects progressively, and it is not necessary that all the bonds be issued or sold at any one time.
So long as any bonds authorized under this article are outstanding, the Director of Veterans Affairs shall, at the close of each fiscal year, require a survey of the financial condition of the Division of Farm and Home Purchases, together with a projection of the division's operations, to be made by an independent public accountant of recognized standing. The results of each survey and projection shall be reported in writing by the public accountant to the Director of Veterans Affairs, the California Veterans Board, the appropriate policy committees dealing with veterans affairs in the Senate and the Assembly, and the committee. The Division of Farm and Home Purchases shall reimburse the public accountant for these services out of any money which the division may have available on deposit with the Treasurer.
The committee may authorize the Treasurer to sell all or any part of the bonds authorized by this article at the time or times fixed by the Treasurer. Whenever the committee deems it necessary for an effective sale of the bonds, the committee may authorize the Treasurer to sell any issue of bonds at less than their par value, notwithstanding Section 16754 of the Government Code. However, the discount on the bonds shall not exceed 3 percent of the par value thereof.
Out of the first money realized from the sale of bonds as provided herein, there shall be redeposited in the General Obligation Bond Expense Revolving Fund, established by Section 16724.5 of the Government Code, the amount of all expenditures made for the purposes specified in that section, and this money may be used for the same purpose and repaid in the same manner whenever additional bond sales are made.