Article 1. Administration of California Penal Code >> Title 1. >> Part 4. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 1.

The Attorney General shall appoint such agents and other employees as he deems necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. All persons employed after July 1, 1973, within the Department of Justice designated as peace officers and performing investigative duties shall be required by the department to obtain a certificate from the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.
The Attorney General shall from time to time arrange for and organize schools at convenient centers in the State to train peace officers in their powers and duties and in the use of approved equipment and methods for detection, identification and apprehension of criminals.
(a) The Department of Justice shall adopt standards and guidelines regarding the handling of potential evidence arising out of the testing of substances that are suspected to be related to activities of terrorists, to be used by laboratories operated by or contracting with the Department of Justice, any state agency, or any local agency, and by any other laboratory in the state the department determines may test any material that may become evidence in a criminal prosecution for any crime committed in the commission of terrorist activities.
  (b) The standards and guidelines adopted pursuant to this section shall include information on issues that may arise in the chain of custody and the employment of controls that are suitable for preserving evidence for use in the prosecution of a crime.
  (c) In developing the standards for adoption pursuant to this section, the Department of Justice shall consult with appropriate laboratories of public agencies used by law enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies, and the State Department of Health Services.
  (d) The Department of Justice shall make the guidelines and standards adopted pursuant to this section available to the appropriate laboratories specified in subdivision (a).
  (e) The provisions of this section shall be accomplished to the extent that funds are available.