Chapter 3. Argument Of The Appeal of California Penal Code >> Title 9. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 3.

On an appeal in a criminal case, no continuance shall be granted upon stipulation of counsel, and no continuance shall be granted for any longer period than the ends of justice shall require. On an appeal by a defendant, the appellate court shall, in addition to the issues raised by the defendant, consider and pass upon all rulings of the trial court adverse to the State which it may be requested to pass upon by the Attorney General.
The judgment may be affirmed if the appellant fail to appear, but can be reversed only after argument, though the respondent fail to appear.
Upon the argument of the appeal, if the offense is punishable with death, two counsel must be heard on each side, if they require it. In any other case the Court may, in its discretion, restrict the argument to one counsel on each side.
The defendant need not personally appear in the appellate Court.
It shall be the duty of the district attorney to cooperate with and assist the attorney general in presenting all criminal matters on appeal.