Chapter 9. Proceedings Against Corporations of California Penal Code >> Title 10. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 9.

Upon the filing of an accusatory pleading against a corporation, the court shall issue a summons, signed by the judge with his name of office, requiring the corporation to appear before him, at a specified time and place, to answer the charge, the time to be not less than 10 days after the issuing of the summons.
The summons shall be substantially in the following form:
County of (as the case may be). The people of the State of California to the (naming the corporation): You are hereby summoned to appear before me at (naming the place), on (specifying the day and hour), to answer an accusatory pleading, for (designating the offense generally). Dated this ____ day of ____, 19__. G. H., Judge, (name of the court).
The summons must be served at least five days before the day of appearance fixed therein, by delivering a copy thereof and showing the original to the president or other head of the corporation, or to the secretary, cashier, managing agent, or an agent of the corporation designated for service of civil process.
At the appointed time in the summons, the magistrate shall proceed with the charge in the same manner as in other cases.
If an accusatory pleading is filed, the corporation may appear by counsel to answer the same, except that in the case of misdemeanors arising from operation of motor vehicles, or of infractions arising from operation of motor vehicles, a corporation may appear by its president, vice president, secretary or managing agent for the purpose of entering a plea of guilty. If it does not thus appear, a plea of not guilty shall be entered, and the same proceedings had thereon as in other cases.
When a fine is imposed upon a corporation on conviction, it may be collected by virtue of the order imposing it in the manner provided for enforcement of money judgments generally.