Chapter 3. Permits of California Penal Code >> Division 11. >> Title 3. >> Part 6. >> Chapter 3.

The Department of Justice may issue a permit for the possession and transportation of tear gas or a tear gas weapon that is not intended or certified for personal self-defense purposes, upon proof that good cause exists for issuance of the permit to the applicant. The permit may also allow the applicant to install, maintain, and operate a protective system involving the use of tear gas or a tear gas weapon in any place that is accurately and completely described in the permit application.
(a) An application for a permit shall satisfy all of the following requirements:
  (1) It shall be filed in writing.
  (2) It shall be signed by the applicant if an individual, or by a member or officer qualified to sign if the applicant is a firm or corporation.
  (3) It shall state the applicant's name, business in which engaged, business address, and a full description of the place or vehicle in which the tear gas or tear gas weapon is to be transported, kept, installed, or maintained.
  (b) If the tear gas or tear gas weapon is to be used in connection with, or to constitute, a protective system, the application shall also contain the name of the person who is to install the protective system.
  (c) Applications and permits shall be uniform throughout the state upon forms prescribed by the Department of Justice.
(a) Each applicant for a permit shall pay, at the time of filing the application, a fee determined by the Department of Justice, not to exceed the application processing costs of the Department of Justice.
  (b) A permit granted pursuant to this chapter may be renewed one year from the date of issuance, and annually thereafter, upon the filing of a renewal application and the payment of a permit renewal fee, not to exceed the application processing costs of the Department of Justice.
  (c) After the department establishes fees sufficient to reimburse the department for processing costs, fees charged shall increase at a rate not to exceed the legislatively approved annual cost-of-living adjustments for the department's budget.
(a) Notwithstanding Section 23000, a bank, a savings and loan association, a credit union, or an industrial loan company that maintains more than one office or branch may make a single annual application for a permit.
  (b) In addition to the requirements set forth in this chapter, an application under this section shall separately state the business address and a full description of each office or branch in which the tear gas or tear gas weapon is to be kept, installed, or maintained. Any location addition or deletion as to an office or branch shall be reported to the department within 60 days of the change.
  (c) A single permit issued under this section shall allow for the possession, operation, and maintenance of tear gas at each office or branch named in the application, including any location change.
Every person, firm, or corporation to whom a permit is issued shall either carry the permit upon the person or keep it in the place described in the permit. The permit shall be open to inspection by any peace officer or other person designated by the authority issuing the permit.
A permit issued in accordance with this chapter may be revoked or suspended by the issuing authority at any time when it appears that the need for the possession or transportation of the tear gas or tear gas weapon or protective system involving the use thereof, has ceased, or that the holder of the permit has engaged in an unlawful business or occupation or has wrongfully made use of the tear gas or tear gas weapon or the permit issued.