Article 6. Prohibition Upon Wardens, Clerks, Officers And Employees of California Penal Code >> Title 1. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 6.

No officer or employee of the department shall receive directly, or indirectly, any compensation for his services other than that prescribed or authorized by law or the director; nor shall he receive any compensation whatever, directly or indirectly, for any act or service which he may do or perform for or on behalf of any contractor, or agent, or employee of a contractor. For any violation of the provisions of this section the officer or employee shall be discharged from his office or service; and every contractor, or employee, or agent of a contractor engaged therein, shall be expelled from the prison grounds, and not again permitted within the same as a contractor, agent, or employee.
No officer or employee of the department, or contractor, or employee of a contractor, shall, without permission of the director, make any gift or present to a prisoner, or receive any from a prisoner, or have any barter or dealings with a prisoner. For every violation of the provisions of this section, the party engaged therein shall incur the same penalty as prescribed in the preceding section. No officer or employee of the prison shall be interested, directly or indirectly, in any contract or purchase made or authorized to be made by anyone for or on behalf of the prisons.