Article 5. Substance Abuse Treatment of California Penal Code >> Title 1. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 5.

(a) The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shall expand substance abuse treatment services in prisons to accommodate at least 4,000 additional inmates who have histories of substance abuse. In determining the prisons in which these additional treatment services will be located, the department may consider efficiency and efficacy of treatment, availability of staff resources, availability of physical space, and availability of additional resources in surrounding communities to supplement the treatment. In addition, the department shall expand followup treatment services in the community in order to ensure that offenders who participate in substance abuse treatment while incarcerated in prison shall receive necessary followup treatment while on parole.
  (b) (1) Notwithstanding any other law, unless there is a security or safety reason not to do so, a substance abuse treatment program funded by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and offered in a facility under the jurisdiction of the department pursuant to this section shall include a peer counseling component allowing prisoners to receive the necessary training within those facilities to become certified addiction counselors, including necessary course work and clinical hours.
  (2) If the department determines that a peer counseling component shall not be included as part of a substance abuse treatment program offered in a facility under the department's jurisdiction, the department shall notify in writing on January 10, 2015, and January 10, 2016, the Assembly and Senate Committees on Budget and the relevant Assembly and Senate policy committees at the time the determination is made. The report shall include the reason for the determination and a description of the substance abuse treatment program being provided.
  (3) For purposes of this section, "peer counseling" means counseling offered by a person sharing similar life experiences who provides advice and assistance to another individual with the intended outcome of overcoming addiction-related challenges.