Article 4. Exceptions Extending Only To Grounds For Forfeiture Of License of California Penal Code >> Division 6. >> Title 4. >> Part 6. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 4.

(a) Article 2 (commencing with Section 26800) does not apply to the loan of a firearm if all of the following conditions are satisfied:
  (1) The firearm is unloaded.
  (2) The loan is made by a dealer.
  (3) The loan is made to a person who possesses a valid entertainment firearms permit issued pursuant to Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 29500) of Division 8.
  (4) The firearm is loaned solely for use as a prop in a motion picture, television, video, theatrical, or other entertainment production or event.
  (b) The dealer shall retain a photocopy of the entertainment firearms permit as proof of compliance with this requirement.
(a) Article 2 (commencing with Section 26800) does not apply to the loan of an unloaded firearm to a consultant-evaluator by a person licensed pursuant to Sections 26700 to 26915, inclusive, if the loan does not exceed 45 days from the date of delivery.
  (b) At the time of the loan, the consultant-evaluator shall provide the following information, which the dealer shall retain for two years:
  (1) A photocopy of a valid, current, government-issued identification to determine the consultant-evaluator's identity, including, but not limited to, a California driver's license, identification card, or passport.
  (2) A photocopy of the consultant-evaluator's valid, current certificate of eligibility.
  (3) A letter from the person licensed as an importer, manufacturer, or dealer pursuant to Chapter 44 (commencing with Section 921) of Title 18 of the United States Code, with whom the consultant-evaluator has a bona fide business relationship. The letter shall detail the bona fide business purposes for which the firearm is being loaned and confirm that the consultant-evaluator is being loaned the firearm as part of a bona fide business relationship.
  (4) The signature of the consultant-evaluator on a form indicating the date the firearm is loaned and the last day the firearm may be returned.