Chapter 1. Miscellaneous Reports And Publications of California Penal Code >> Division 12. >> Title 4. >> Part 6. >> Chapter 1.

The Attorney General shall provide the Legislature on or before April 15 of each year, commencing in 1998, a written report on the specific types of firearms used in the commission of crimes based upon information obtained from state and local crime laboratories. The report shall include all of the following information regarding crimes in which firearms were used:
  (a) A description of the relative occurrence of firearms most frequently used in the commission of violent crimes, distinguishing whether the firearms used were handguns, rifles, shotguns, assault weapons, or other related types of weapons.
  (b) A description of specific types of firearms that are used in homicides or street gang and drug trafficking crimes.
  (c) The frequency with which stolen firearms were used in the commission of the crimes.
  (d) The frequency with which fully automatic firearms were used in the commission of the crimes.
  (e) Any trends of importance such as those involving specialized ammunition or firearms modifications, such as conversion to a fully automatic weapon, removal of serial number, shortening of barrel, or use of a suppressor.
(a) The Department of Justice shall prepare a pamphlet that summarizes California firearms laws as they pertain to persons other than law enforcement officers or members of the armed services.
  (b) The pamphlet shall include the following matters:
  (1) Lawful possession.
  (2) Licensing procedures.
  (3) Transportation and use of firearms.
  (4) Acquisition of hunting licenses.
  (5) The safe handling and use of firearms.
  (6) Various methods of safe storage and child proofing of firearms.
  (7) The availability of firearms safety programs and devices.
  (8) The responsibilities of firearms ownership.
  (9) The operation of various types of firearms.
  (10) The lawful use of deadly force.
  (c) The department shall offer copies of the pamphlet at actual cost to firearms dealers licensed pursuant to Sections 26700 to 26915, inclusive, who shall have copies of the most current version available for sale to retail purchasers or transferees of firearms. The cost of the pamphlet, if any, may be added to the sale price of the firearm. Other interested parties may purchase copies directly from the Department of General Services.
  (d) The pamphlet shall declare that it is merely intended to provide a general summary of laws applicable to firearms and is not designed to provide individual guidance for specific areas. Individuals having specific questions shall be directed to contact their local law enforcement agency or private counsel.
  (e) The Department of Justice or any other public entity shall be immune from any liability arising from the drafting, publication, or dissemination of the pamphlet or any reliance upon it. All receipts from the sale of these pamphlets shall be deposited as reimbursements to the support appropriation for the Department of Justice.