Chapter 3. Administration of California Penal Code >> Title 2.1. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 3.

The duties of the department are to determine:
  (a) That the risks to the prisoners consenting to research are outweighed by the sum of benefits to the prisoners and the importance of the knowledge to be gained.
  (b) That the rights and welfare of the prisoners are adequately protected, including the security of any confidential personal information.
  (c) That the procedures for selection of prisoners are equitable and that subjects are not unjustly deprived of the opportunity to participate.
  (d) That adequate provisions have been made for compensating research related injury.
  (e) That the rate of remuneration is comparable to that received by nonprisoner volunteers in similar research.
  (f) That the conduct of the activity will be reviewed at timely intervals.
  (g) That legally effective informed consent will be obtained by adequate and appropriate methods.
No behavioral research shall be conducted on any prisoner in this state in the absence of a determination by the department consistent with this title.
The department shall promulgate rules and regulations reasonably necessary for the effective administration of the provisions of this title. Action on proposals submitted shall be taken within 60 days. The regulations shall be submitted to the Joint Legislative Prison Committee for review and shall not become operative until 60 days after submission.
The department shall promulgate rules and regulations prescribing procedures to be followed by any person who has a grievance concerning the operation of any particular research program conducted pursuant to this title.
The department shall evaluate the impact of research on human subjects approved and conducted pursuant to this title, including any adverse reactions.
The department shall make a report due on or before January 1 of each odd-numbered year containing a review of each research program which has been approved and conducted. The report shall be transmitted to the Legislature and shall be made available to the public.