Chapter 4. Prisoners’ Rights As Research Subjects of California Penal Code >> Title 2.1. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 4.

For the purposes of this title, a prisoner shall be deemed to have given his informed consent only if each of the following conditions are satisfied:
  (a) Consent is given without duress, coercion, fraud, or undue influence.
  (b) The prisoner is informed in writing of the potential risks or benefits, or both, of the proposed research.
  (c) The prisoner is informed orally and in writing in the language in which the subject is fluent of each of the following:
  (1) An explanation of the biomedical or behavioral research procedures to be followed and their purposes, including identification of any procedures which are experimental.
  (2) A description of all known attendant discomfort and risks reasonably to be expected.
  (3) A disclosure of any appropriate alternative biomedical or behavioral research procedures that might be advantageous for the subject.
  (4) The nature of the information sought to be gained by the experiment.
  (5) The expected recovery time of the subject after completion of the experiment.
  (6) An offer to answer any inquiries concerning the applicable biomedical or behavioral research procedures.
  (7) An instruction that the person is free to withdraw his consent and to discontinue participation in the research at any time without prejudice to the subject.
At the time of furnishing a prisoner the writing required by subdivision (b) of Section 3521, the prisoner shall also be given information as to (a) the amount of remuneration the prisoner will receive for the research and (b) the manner in which the prisoner may obtain prompt treatment for any research-related injuries. Such information shall be provided in writing on a form to be retained by the prisoner.
The amount of such remuneration shall be comparable to that which is paid to nonprisoner volunteers in similar research.