Chapter 5. Trials Of Prisoners of California Penal Code >> Title 5. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 5.

For any trial or hearing referred to in Section 4750, the sheriff of the county where such trial or hearing is had and the person in charge of the prison may agree that the county shall transport prisoners in a state prison to and from such prison. Upon such agreement, the county, and not the Department of Corrections, shall perform the transportation referred to in this section.
The jurisdiction of a criminal action for escaping from any State prison is in any county of the State.
Whenever any prisoner confined in a jail established and maintained by the sheriff in another county, is tried for any offense committed in such jail or for escaping or attempting to escape therefrom, the venue shall be in the county establishing and maintaining such jail and the costs shall be charged against that county.
With the concurrence of the Attorney General, the district attorney may transfer the responsibility for the prosecution of any crime committed by prisoners in physical custody in the state prisons in the district attorney's county. As used in this section, crimes committed while in physical custody shall include escapes and attempted escapes but shall not include any crimes committed while a prisoner has been conditionally released from state prison on work furlough, parole, or upon any other conditional release where the inmate is in constructive but not actual physical custody.