Chapter 1. Programs With Special Focus On Substance Abuse of California Penal Code >> Title 9. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 1.

The Legislature finds and declares that the existence of live-in alternative to incarceration rehabilitation programs with special focus on substance abusers provide a useful alternative to incarceration and promotes the resumption of useful lives by persons with impairments caused by drug or alcohol abuse, or persons with criminal records who, because of these impairments, cannot be absorbed into the competitive labor market, or who otherwise have little or no chance of rehabilitation.
For purposes of this title, a live-in alternative to incarceration rehabilitation program with special focus on substance abusers means any long-term (two-year minimum) private, nonprofit program that has operated and complied with the following conditions for at least five years prior to the effective date of this section:
  (a) Participants live full time at the program site and receive room and board, and all necessary support at no cost to the participant.
  (b) All necessary support shall include reasonable medical, dental, psychological, and legal services, counseling, entertainment, clothing, academic, life-skills, and interpersonal education, vocational training, rehabilitation, transportation, and recreation activities.
  (c) Neither the directors nor the officers of the program shall be compensated in any manner other than the manner in which the participants of the program are compensated.
  (d) The program shall not be operated with any public funds.
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the participants, director, and staff of a live-in alternative to incarceration rehabilitation program with special focus on substance abusers, when participating in operations owned and operated by the program, are exempt from the wage and hour provisions and Section 1025 of the Labor Code, so long as all revenues generated by the operation are used for the support of the program. All providers who bid on public work shall include in their bid the prevailing wage rate as required by the request.